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    France gears up for war with European neighbours if locked out of British waters by no deal Brexit

    No-deal risks triggering a European fishing war with the French pitted against a mainly Dutch armada competing for dwindling stocks if shut out of UK waters, Gallic fishing bosses have warned. France this week threatened to veto post-Brexit trade talks over fishing rights and the issue remains one of the main bones of contention that have stymied a deal, along with so-called level playing provisions. With no deal in sight, Olivier Le Prêtre, head of the Hauts-de-France fishing council - whose small boats fish 70 per cent of their catch in UK waters - said he feared the French would be overrun by European rivals if the UK cut them out of theirs. “If it was only French fishermen in French waters, then no-deal might be ok but we have the Belgians, the Dutch to contend with,” he told the Telegraph. “If they all end up in French waters, there is a risk of overfishing and in a few months we’ll annihilate stocks.” The Dutch, he claimed, were the villains of the piece. “This is a nation that is exterminating fish. They have bought up the European fleet, they fish to excess. We all know full well that if we exterminate the fish they won’t come back ever again,” he said.

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    Princess Eugenie Reportedly Moved Out of Frogmore Cottage After Just Six Weeks

    "Why does no one want to live in Frogmore Cottage? What is wrong with the place?"

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    Barbara Windsor: A life in pictures from 'Carry On' to 'EastEnders' and becoming a Dame

    TV and film star Dame Barbara Windsor has died aged 83.Dame Barbara, who starred in a host of Carry On films and played Peggy Mitchell on BBC soap EastEnders, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014. Her condition worsened during lockdown.Her death was announced by her husband Scott Mitchell.

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    Letters: The EU engineered a Brexit trade deal failure to stop others leaving

    SIR – The EU is not our friend. It is attempting to engineer a Brexit failure to intimidate and threaten other countries into not leaving. Any compromise between our positions – any – will be a choice to accept a degree of humiliation and colonial control by the EU over us. My home is filled with goods made in China, which trades with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms. It can be a success for us, too. Keith Forsdick Looe, Cornwall SIR – Many years ago a thoughtful if pompous colleague exclaimed: “Young man, do you know why divorce is so expensive?” I replied: “No, sir.” He said: “Because it’s worth it!” In this case, I do hope it was. Richard Owen Lightwater, Surrey

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    James Corden torn apart for ‘truly disgusting’ performance in The Prom

    Actor has been accused of leaning into ‘horrifying’ gay stereotypes

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    Analysis: World watches as first-mover Britain probes adverse reactions to Pfizer vaccine

    Britain hailed "V-Day" when it became the first country to roll out the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Officials from around the world are keen for British authorities to give them as much information as possible about the two reported cases of anaphylaxis among thousands of people inoculated since mass-vaccination began on Tuesday. Anaphylaxis is an over-reaction of the body's immune system, which health specialists describe as severe and sometimes life-threatening.